One Year Pen-Membership


Product Description


  • One year of unlimited matches from the Pens Plus Pals community
  • Choice of “Pen Name” alias
  • Exclusive P+P stationery set with Poppin pencil case
  • Ability to nominate and help design new stationery sets!
  • Quality T-shirt featuring P+P logo
  • Exclusive newsletters full of P+P community content
  • Alerts and notifications of received and incoming letters
  • An assigned Pen-Mentor to help you with writing inspiration
  • “Pal Packs” of new stationery and gifts every three months to keep the creativity flowing!
  • Access to community-led P+P events and workshops


  • Existing pen pal aficionados!
  • Grandparents are older adults wanting to embrace a written relationship!


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