• What is Pens Plus Pals? 
Webster’s Dictionary defines a pen pal as “ a friend made and kept through letter exchange”. Not one to challenge Mr. Webster, Pens Plus Pals is offering a service and community that facilitates correspondence amongst modern day pen pals.

• Is this for “love connections”?
Pens Plus Pals promotes the matching of platonic pen pals. Pen pals seeking correspondence of a romantic nature can indicate so upon registration but does not guarantee any results.

• I want more than one pen pal. Is that OK?
P+P packages come in two varieties: Matches and Memberships. If you want to be matched more than once or maintain multiple pen pal relationships at one time, you’ll want to select a Membership option!

• What Pen Membership is right for me?
Pen-Memberships fit all budgets and lifestyles. You can choose from four flexible levels, each with unique “pen perks”. Follow this link to see all four packages!

• Will I know if a pen pal letter is en route?
Yes! Each P+P envelope has a QR code which, when scanned, creates an email which will alert you that a letter is on its way!

• What “stuff” do I get?
Visit our “Pen Perks” page to see what kind of P+P “swag” you can expect throughout your Pens Plus Pals journey!

• Is my personal information protected?
All pen pals will choose a unique “Pen Name” which serve as their alias for all correspondence. If you are a “Penultimate” Member, P+P will serve as the middle-man for your letters, also protecting your address.

• What if I have bad handwriting?
What better way to improve your penmanship than by entering into a fun and risk-free pen pal relationship?? Trust us, your pen pal will care about the intent and the care you put into the letters, not the word count or handwriting!

• Does Pens Plus Pals give me writing assistance?
Yes! We intend to support you 100% of the way. Part of the “Pen Perks” you receive through involvement in Pens Plus Pals is a dedicated Pen Mentor (coming soon!) and support through a community of fellow P+P Members! Expect writing prompts, suggested snail mail ideas, and assistance from P+P if you ever need PENspiration.

• What if I have to update my contact details?
This one’s easy. Contact us at hello@penspluspals.com and we’ll update your details and inform your pen pal.

• Any unanswered questions? Email us at hello@penspluspals.com!